Everyone comes to a crossroads whether by choice or by circumstance. I’ve chosen.

This blog is to chronicle my experience in the Mississippi Teacher Corps, a 2-year alternate certification program in which I will also earn a Master’s in Curriculum and Instruction. I will teach English in a critical-needs Delta school.

Part of the program’s requirements will include keeping a blog with
some assigned entries. Since teaching is by its nature a reflective
practice, this seems like a good idea, and I hope to use the blog for
reflection on all aspects of this experience.

I’m not just moving to the Delta: I am leaving behind an 18-year career as art director and production manager for American School Board Journal
and other publications at the National School Boards Association. I’m
leaving the majority of my 50 years of living in and around Washington

This is a change I’ve worked hard to earn. I’m scared to death.

I’m hoping to learn from your comments as well.


Circumstances are that I will be delaying the move to the Delta until 2007, but it will happen. Meanwhile, I find myself with a liminal year. While it’s not exactly what I’d expected, it’s still a crossroads. It’s the time that exists between my two lives. I don’t, however, intend for it to become simply some time I spend while I wait for a new life to begin. It will have a life of its own and will serve to help me define myself in the context of movement forward.