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lineup and art

It’s January and the flu season is in full swing. We’re discouraged from shaking hands or joining hands at church services. But here at the L. Community Center after-school program, Yonas spent most of the afternoon sneezing and coughing on me and on all of the various papers and pencils we were using to work on his math.

I try so hard not to touch my own eyes or nose after being near him.

I like Yonas a lot, but it’s just so difficult to warm up to someone who’s a walking germ factory. This leads me to wonder how I will deal with the occasional students in my own classroom who are just, for whatever reason, difficult to like. Each time I come to the Lincolnia Center, I choose who I want to spend time with, and tend to avoid the kids I don’t have a soft spot for. I’m not so sure this is a good idea. I know I’d learn more if I found ways to work with the kids who are stand-offish or not as appealing.




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