tall grass

My friend Nergui is learning Vietnamese. The first six verbs she’s learned are:


As luck would have it, these describe exactly what I intend to do for the next year.

Here’s the thing, though: It’s funny that so many people asked me what I was going to miss most when they found out I was moving to rural Mississippi, but no one has asked me what I’ll miss most now that I’m not going for another year, and will instead be here in northern Virginia with no visable means of support. I’m still stepping off a huge cliff … bigger in a way since I don’t even have a specific plan for my life right now.

Now that I won’t be going to a job every day, I think what I’ll really miss is serious conversations. This will be a priority for me to find some sort of opportunity to engage my mind in interaction with other people on a regular basis. There’s a definite social aspect to any office environment, and especially working among journalists where the coin of the realm is ideas.