road closed
Events here are looking more like I will have a year's delay in joining the Teacher Corps. They've said they can postpone my acceptance to 07, so I have a year to deal with. Of course, I'll have no job as of May 13. The young woman who will be taking my job has already resigned hers, and is a dream come true — so it just wouldn't be right for me to upset that applecart and then to start a new search in 6 months. I can work around a contract on the house so I won't be homeless. I've got some possibilities on jobs that would pay at least a living wage. Add to that the fact that I'm educated, white, living on the east coast of the U.S., and, like I said: I'm better off than 98% of the world.

So I'll probably have …

mom at bretts wedding 2005.jpg … a year to spend living near my mom, whom I'd had some regrets about leaving just as we'd gotten to a good place in our relationship

Em & Nathan … a year still living within a day's drive of my daughter who is really coming into her own as a woman I'm proud to know

women of the R.jpg … a year to enjoy friendships with a group of amazing women — oh, and JA

paint chips behind iris.jpg … a year to finally get that bathroom painted

dishes of color.jpg … a year of not doing creative work on deadline so I can return to making some art for myself

snowfence … a year in which there might be one more humongous mid-Atlantic snow storm that closes the federal government for days

standing there august poplars … a year to watch for the one thing to come along that will prove to me there was a reason it happened this way.

Of course … if my appeal to the dept. chair and dean is granted I'll ditch all that stuff above in a red-hot minute and head straight to the Delta! And that'll be the right thing, too.

I'll know within a week. Hmm. Crossroads.